We are live from Sofia to comment on the Jury Rehearsal of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The kids are ready and Matteo will take you through the night. This is the running order:

01. Serbia – Lena Stamenković – Lenina pesma
02. Georgia – The Virus – Gabede
03. Slovenia – Lina Kuduzović – Prva ljubezen
04. Italy – Chiara & Martina – Viva
05. Netherlands – Shalisa – Million Lights
06. Australia – Bella Paige – My Girls
07. Ireland – Aimee Banks – Réalta na Mara
08. Russia – Mikhail Smirnov – Mechta (Dream)
09. FYR Macedonia – Ivana Petkovska & Magdalena Aleksovska – Pletenka – Braid of Love
10. Belarus – Ruslan Aslanov – Volshebstvo (Magic)
11. Armenia – Mika – Love
12. Ukraine – Anna Trincher – Pochny z sebe
13. Bulgaria – Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov – Colour of Hope
14. San Marino – Kamilla Ismailova – Mirror
15. Malta – Destiny Chukunyere – Not My Soul
16. Albania – Mishela Rapo – Dambaje
17. Montenegro – Jana Mirković – Oluja

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20158:10 pm

The kids get on stage to sing all together the theme of this year. I would try and write something more, but it is rather difficult trying to publish anything with the wifi not working.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20158:05 pm

A brief recap of the songs now…

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20158:01 pm

17. Montenegro – Jana Mirković – Oluja

A lot of coordinated dancing, which is well done. Jana pulls a Sertab with her backing dancers pulling some veils from around her waist and waving them. We actually interviewed Jana today, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIUBG0opeIw

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:56 pm

16. Albania – Mishela Rapo – Dambaje
She’s alone on stage, but it looks rather ok for the song and her way of performing. The white dress is not helping that much, but she is very good at singing. And some bloggers started singing along in the press centre, so well. That happened.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:51 pm

15. Malta – Destiny Chukunyere – Not My Soul

Quite a voice from Destiny! And quite a powerful and colourful performance. She sang also for us during our interview with her:

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:49 pm

14. San Marino – Kamilla Ismailova – Mirror

San Marino went full on mirror covering Kamilla’s dress from top to bottom in shiny mirrors. Same for the backing dancers in shiny costumes.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:45 pm

13. Bulgaria – Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov – Colour of Hope

Gabriela is here to remind me that she is 12 years younger than me and way more talented than me. Thank you. She sings on the catwalk in a very lovely dress, while gymnasts use the main stage. Ivan is in a black suit, a bit stuffy, but I assume Bulgaria wanted to be very elegant while organising the contest.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:42 pm

And we are back in Sensational Sofia (as Poli said it) for the last leg of songs for this contest: Bulgaria, San Marino, Malta, Albania and Montenegro!

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:38 pm

Second interval. This time is colourful beatbox with traditional Bulgarian patterns.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:37 pm

12. Ukraine – Anna Trincher – Pochny z sebe

A big flower on stage that opens up to reveal Anna in a peach dress – a lot of veils, very wind machine friendly. She is only 14, so we will have to wait at least two years to see her in the May contest. Yes, she is that good! We interviewed her yesterday:

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:32 pm

11. Armenia – Mika – Love

I’m not particularly fond of the hot pink suit that he is wearing, but he seems confident enough to pull it of. A lot of lights like a variety show in the background that definitely make the performers stand out. Nice job Armenia.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:28 pm

10. Belarus – Ruslan Aslanov – Volshebstvo (Magic)

Very good vocal performance for Ruslan. On the backdrop a tree (the Eurovision year of trees anyone?) perfectly timed to answer to the song. Probably a very good result for Belarus this year! 

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:24 pm

09. FYR Macedonia – Ivana Petkovska & Magdalena Aleksovska – Pletenka – Braid of Love

Technical error for Ivana and Magdalena that have to start again (no audio from their microphones). The show starts with a merry go round of them and their backing dancers and then a lot of energy is invested in the performance, with hearts on the backdrop.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:19 pm

08. Russia – Mikhail Smirnov – Mechta (Dream)

Mikhail is very confident on stage – and he has alway been perfect in all of his rehearsals. This year is the year of the foggy stage. He is joined by a dancer in white that animates the stage around him.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:14 pm

07. Ireland – Aimee Banks – Réalta na Mara

A stormy sea on the background with a rocked vessel. She is standing on a foggy stage with a turquoise dress. Aimee is more confident than this afternoon and the performance went well. We talked to her during the afternoon:

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:07 pm

First pause between songs. Poli Genova tells us that is all about the future: one day we will see this kids performing on the adult Eurovision stage. (Please everyone stop me when the links between Junior and the May contest will be too much).
The entertainment between two songs is a piece of “futuristic dance” which means dubstep with dancers covered in LED lights.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:04 pm

06. Australia – Bella Paige – My Girls

Awaited by everyone, Bella is on stage, shining like a star. Her voice is like an explosion on stage, she is joined by two dancers (her girls). Definitely a good position for the debuting Australia – and could this help SBS landing Delta Goodrem for the adult contest?

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20157:01 pm

05. Netherlands – Shalisa – Million Lights

The first few shots introduce Shalisa at the piano with candles burning. On the catwalk (and on the backdrop), two dancers. She composed the song herself and she is very proud of representing the Netherlands, as she told us this afternoon:

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:57 pm

04. Italy – Chiara & Martina – Viva

I just realised that all the comparisons that come to mind are with Italian singers – which is probably normal being Italy on stage, but not very useful for you lovely readers. A colourful performance, with a rainbow backdrop, a lot of lettering of the title of the song. They seem indivisible on stage and know how not to out-shadow each other.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:53 pm

03. Slovenia – Lina Kuduzović – Prva ljubezen

Another Raay song (after Tinkara’s, Ula Lozar’s and Maraaya’s) on stage for Slovenia. The feeling that this performance gives is a rather Frozen-y, with a very snowy backdrop and her dressed in white. Lots of smiling, lots of charming the camera going on here, nice performance.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:49 pm

02. Georgia – The Virus – Gabede

A few camera shots were quite confusing, so I assume BNT will work on that tomorrow. Clearly there’s some sort of situation with the lights that sometimes impedes seeing the singer. A lot of energy and jumping going on. I have the feeling Brent is jumping around in the arena thinking about the interview with them.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:45 pm

01. Serbia – Lena Stamenković – Lenina pesma

A lot of smog on stage in the beginning. She doesn’t seem afraid of being first on stage. The entire stage is in red like her dress and by her movements she is in it to win it! I have probably never seen anyone so confident on a stage.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:43 pm

So, Serbia’s postcard. Every kid is introduced by them swiping an ipad and “starting the magic” of discovering Bulgaria. Every postcard contains shots from touristic places and it finishes with a pin point on the Bulgarian map and the name of the city.
And – of course – a “bridge” between that city and the capital of the entry.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:40 pm

Poli Genova is on stage in a lovely blue dress. Do remember, people, that the official hashtag is #jesc2015.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:35 pm

Other shots of Bulgaria. Which is good for me as I will be sightseeing tomorrow morning.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:34 pm

All the singers are announced on stage (yes, like in the adult version) and they walk on the catwalk with their own flags.

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:33 pm

Welcome to Bulgaria!

Matteo Manta
November 20, 20156:33 pm

And we are live. Well, we are as people from the arena. We are shown art and culture from Bulgaria and a few shots from Sofia. Lights everywhere and Krisia is on stage with a choir of kids!

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  1. […] As with the main contest, tonight’s winner will be decided by a 50/50 split amongst televoters and national juries who scored the performances based on last night’s dress rehearsal.  You can read a live report of that rehearsal written by our on-location team here. […]


  2. […] Tonight’s winner will be decided by a 50/50 split amongst televoters and national juries who scored the performances based on last night’s dress rehearsal.  You can read a live report of that rehearsal written by our on-location team here. […]


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