Today is the day of returns. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kaliopi were both announced to be travelling to Stockholm. There may however be more returns on the cards, if Twitter is to be believed…

Tonight a mysterious Tweet appeared, posted by the official BNT Eurovision account, Eurovision Bulgaria. The tweet said:

BNT Tweet

Interestingly, the tweet was later deleted. However, everyone will see that it’s not a genuine question by BNT. There has to be more behind it, so it’s time for us to take a quick look at what might be meant with that tweet…

It’s BNT tweeting, so we’re betting on a rather clear hint for who’s going to represent them in Stockholm – if they enter, that is… Because that really needs to be clear. Bulgaria has not yet confirmed participation and seem to not have been on that preliminary list of 41, mentioned by Jon Ola Sand a while ago.

One name seems to be going round and round ever since Junior Eurovision week: Poli Genova. The 28 year old was praised for hosting the event last weekend. In interviews, she seemed to give hints that she wasn’t quite done with the Eurovision Song Contest just yet…
She represented Bulgaria back in 2011, when her entry Na Inat, to the surprise of many fans (including myself) failed to qualify and finished in 12th in her semifinal, behind Belgium’s With Love Baby and Moldova’s So Lucky.
With not a whole lot of other Bulgarian entries being praised that much by fans, it seems obvious that Poli is that choice. Let’s be honest, can you really see them picking Kaffe or Krassimir Avramov again…? So let’s have another look at Na Inat… Would you like to see Poli in Stockholm?

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  2. […] Bulgaria told their Twitter followers a few days aog to stay tuned and also gave out some hints. Our editor Nathan already interpreted these hints as hints pointing towards Poli Genova. The rumours aren’t new though, with a deleted tweet from November also pointing in an interesting direction, as we reported back then. […]


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