There are Christmas songs about everything from missing front teeth to mommies kissing strangers, from Hawaii to the North Pole, from naughty children to angels…and people like some and dislike others. Today’s Christmas wish, though, is one most people will share.

Guy Sebastian represented Australia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. He performed “Tonight Again”, finishing 5th with a total of 196 points.

I'm Norwegian, presently living in Iceland. My mom loves Eurovision, and always let me stay up to watch the contest since before I can remember, so I'm "second generation Eurovision lunatic". My musical god is David Bowie, so I'm obviously not into the stereotypical Eurovision songs. I prefer the rocky/bluesy/jazzy/ethnic songs over schlager and mainstream ballads, though I occasionally surprise myself (and others)... I HATE canned drums and "Cvet Z juga". Photo © Tobias König

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