LISTEN: Cascada releases new single “Back for Good”

Germany’s Eurovision 2013 representatives Cascada are certainly back for good! They have just released their first new single of 2018, following their official 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship single “Playground”.

The group, consisting of Natalie Horler,  Manuel Reuter and Yann Peifer, released “Back for Good” on July 20. As Cascada are considered to be at the top of their game with their Summer anthems, this certainly does not disappoint.

About “Back for Good”

The song tells the story of an ex that singer Natalie Horler “tried so hard” with. But now she states that she’s better off on her own. She goes on to say “I’m not your stupid love affair” and insists that her ex should “shut up and start to listen”. Horler has most definitely seen the light here, and as the title suggests, she doesn’t want them “Back for Good”.

Cascada in the Eurovision Song Contest

The German group were selected for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest after winning Unser Song für Malmö with their song “Glorious”. As Germany’s representatives, they already earned a place in the final as part of the Big 5. Unfortunately, their result was less than glorious, after finishing 21st and achieving just 18 points.

What do you think of Cascada’s new single? Would you like to see them back at Eurovision in the future? Let us know in the comments or via @ESCXTRA on Twitter!


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