Fool Moon: “We try to spice it up a bit!” [Interview]

With A Dal continuing tonight, we spoke to one of last year’s superfinalists. Fool Moon was close to winning the ticket last year, so now they’re back with the song Back 2 Right! We spoke to Gábor Molnár and Mickye Németh, two of the members of Fool Moon. Read what they had to say below! Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us! How are you?
Mickye: We are all right, thanks, we have a really good year, big concerts and a new album behind just finished, and we’re really excited about the contest.
X: Second time in a row in A Dal. Why did you decide to return?
Gábor: It’s always fun to be in A Dal. We’d like to show something else, something new about Fool Moon, so this year we’ll perform a cheerful song with more dynamics.
X: You’ve got so much experience now, do you think that will help you in A Dal 2015?
M: Yes, we think we’re well prepared for anything that could happen. Let’s hope nothing happens. 🙂 These experiences will help us this year as well.
X: What can you tell us about your song Back 2 Right?
G: Our new song is about a love which came from a friendship. It’s happy, uptempo, easy-to-remember song. The music is written by Gábor Molnár for the lyrics of Kasai Jnofinn.
X: What’s going to be your special ingredient to win A Dal?
M: Our special ingredient is Fool Moon itself. 🙂 It’s unique because of the a cappella style. No a cappella band had ever performed in A Dal, Fool Moon was the first in Hungary last year. This year we’re unique again. Of course we try to spice it up a bit with a choreography and visual tricks.
X: What’s your favourite place in Hungary?
G: Szeged, my hometown.
M: Of course it’s Szeged. My second hometown.
X: What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink?
G: Tokaji wine, layered potatoes
M: Pineapple rice and a fine coffee.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?
G: No.
M: No, sorry.
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
G: Friderika Bayer – Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet?
M: ABBA – Waterloo
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
M: Yes. Thanks for reading and give a cappella a chance! would like to thank Mickye and Gábor for their time to answer our questions and we’d like to wish them the best of luck in tonight’s A Dal! Watch their song Back 2 Right below!

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