ESCXTRA began in 2011 when we decided we wanted to give you more, give you XTRA! For eleven years, we have been covering everything that surrounds the world’s biggest entertainment show and bringing you closer to the Eurovision Song Contest. We are now one of the most popular independent fan sites that cover the contest and we thank you all for your continued support!

Of course, ESCXTRA couldn’t run without the dedicated work of our wonderful team of editors. Our contributors are from all over the world, with over many different nationalities amongst us! To find out more about us, read our official profiles and follow us on our personal social media accounts using the links below.

Core team

[user_avatar id=7]🇳🇱  Nick van Lith
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[user_avatar id=73]🇬🇧  Dan Niyazi
Technical manager
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[user_avatar id=85]🇳🇱 Bente van Leijden
Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Content)
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[user_avatar id=74]🇬🇧 Costa Christou
Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Socials)
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[user_avatar id=38]🇬🇧  Ryan Cobb
Content manager
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[user_avatar id=52]🇩🇪 Dominik Rössing
Social media manager
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Support team

[user_avatar id=64]🇬🇧 Lisa Bird
News co-ordinator
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[user_avatar id=92]🇦🇺 Isabella Tang
News co-ordinator
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[user_avatar id=48]🇬🇧 Tom O’Donoghue
Social media co-ordinator
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News team

[user_avatar id=86]🇱🇹 Justas Buivydas
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[user_avatar id=87]🇷🇺 Maria Chugunova
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[user_avatar id=91]🇦🇷 Damián Cukierman
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[user_avatar id=94]🇦🇺 Alyce Collett
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[user_avatar id=93]🇨🇭 Bastien Gavoille
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[user_avatar id=25]🇨🇾 Dimitris Ioannou
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[user_avatar id=95]🇳🇱 Bo van Leijden
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[user_avatar id=100]🇮🇪 Micheál Linden
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[user_avatar id=42]🇮🇹 Riccardo Maddalozzo
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[user_avatar id=61]🇫🇷 Vincent Mazoyer
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[user_avatar id=71]🇬🇧 Nathan Picot
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[user_avatar id=76]🇺🇸 Sean Sieczka
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[user_avatar id=70]🇬🇧 Isaac Sturtridge
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[user_avatar id=101]🇫🇷 Kyliann Chantrelle
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Additional contributors

[user_avatar id=12]🇬🇧 Luke Fisher
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[user_avatar id=9]🇦🇺 Brent Davidson
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[user_avatar id=5]🇬🇧 Simon Wells
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[user_avatar id=27]🇳🇴 Wivian Kristiansen
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[user_avatar id=62]🇮🇱 Gil Laufer
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[user_avatar id=67]🇬🇧 Oliver Lewis
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[user_avatar id=41]🇬🇧 Luke Malam
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[user_avatar id=90]🇷🇸 Marko Milanović
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[user_avatar id=54]🇸🇪 Angelos Noutsos
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[user_avatar id=14]🇲🇽 Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo
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[user_avatar id=77]🇬🇧 Tom Ryan
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[user_avatar id=80]🇩🇪 Julian Schulz
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[user_avatar id=82]🇧🇬 Borislava Todorova
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[user_avatar id=72]🇬🇧 Natalie Walpole
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ESCXTRA through the years

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