Netta and Mikolas Josef receive a miserably cold reception on German TV

Both the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Netta, and the Czech representative, Mikolas Josef, have had a fun few months since Eurovision. They’ve both been performing around Europe, and Mikolas even released a Spanish version of his Eurovision entry, Lie To Me. However, both artists recently got a rather…mellow response on German television.

Both performances were on the same breakfast TV show, Morgenmagazin, and both performance were delivered with energy. But the audience surrounding the artists, watching their performances, were depressingly quiet and at times seemed rather uninterested.

Even Netta couldn’t wake up the audience

Netta was the first to perform, on 2 July just before 9am. Of course, she gave a performance of her Eurovision winner, Toy, and had her famous looper with her on the small stage. The audience seemed unimpressed, and Netta seems to notice – near the start of her performance she can be seen looked around and gesturing at the crowd around her in an attempt to wake them up a little, but she quickly gives up.

Netta receives a toned down response

The audience did eventually begin to clap along, so she at least got some response from the German audience. The Czech representative, Mikolas Josef, did not have the same luck…

Mikolas wonders “Is there anybody there?”

Mikolas performed on 17 July, again just before 9am, and also giving a performance full of energy – he does the flossing dance, has a live trumpet player and DJ on stage with him, what more could you ask for? Apparently, a lot; the crowd around him seem to be completely unbothered, an even colder response than Netta received.

At one point, Mikolas even looks around in complete confusion and asks “Is there anybody there, Germany?” When he receives no response, he returns to the microphone with an expression which screams “This is awkwaaaard.” We feel the same way, Mikolas, don’t worry…

Mikolas receives one of the coldest reactions we’ve ever seen

We have no idea what was happening on this show, but one thing is clear – the audiences need to be given some espresso before the show!

What do you think of this? What are your thoughts on the audience’s response to our Eurovision stars? Do you have any advice for the German audience on how to wake up in the morning?

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