Domenico Protino: “This is a great chance to broaden my horizons.” [Interview]

With Moldova’s first semifinal taking place tonight, spoke to the Italian man entering the Moldovan national final: Domenico Protino! Read what he had to say below! Hey Domenico! Thanks for taking the time to speak to us! How are you preparing for the semifinals?
Domenico Protino: Hello everybody and thanks for giving me a chance to talk about myself and my song “Let me fly”. I am doing my best to organize and prepare the best show possible for the semi-final with hopefully an element of surprise!!!
X: Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
D: I am a singer/composer, author and producer of my songs and my best achievements so far have been winning a prestigious Italian price called “PREMIO LUNEZIA” and winning the first place in the South American “International Song Festival of Viña del Mar in Chile.  I released two albums in Italian language:“Domenico Protino” in 2008 and “L’album per te” in 2013. I am currently working at my English debut album, which I hope to release by the end of 2015.
X: Why do you want to go to Eurovision
D: I would like to go to the Eurovision to be able to enrich my musical experience and I would feel very proud if I’ll have this opportunity to participate in this very important event, which has become one of the most popular and prestigious Festivals in Europe.  I am also hoping that this will open opportunities for artistic proposal and collaborations and offers by Managers or Record Companies to help in the release my debut English album.
X: You’re from Italy, trying to represent Moldova. Why Moldova?
D: I have found fascinating and inspiring that Moldova has opened the borders to foreign artists, especially this year that the theme of the Eurovision Festival is “Building Bridges”. I am seeing  this opportunity to be able to learn more about the culture and customs of a different Country which has shown elasticity opening up also to artists of all ages and of different musical styles.  This is a great chance to broaden my horizons and satisfy my thirst for creativity.
X: What can you tell us about your song Let Me Fly?
D: “Let me fly” is a song very much in tune with this year “Building Bridges” theme. It invites all to unite and use Love as a weapon against all kind of prejudice, intolerance and diversity.  It’s a song about expressing love, courage, respect and sharing, since these are the perfect ingredients that we need to use to build a better future.  The lyrics are strong, sweet and simple and were written almost entirely by Sandro Nardi.
X: What would you say if you were asked to represent Italy someday?
D: The process of choosing an Italian contestant to participate to the Eurovision is very variable. In the last few years, Italy is usually represented by the winning artist of the “Sanremo Festival”. But if I were asked in the future to represent Italy, I will participate only if I had a good and perfect song like I feel I have this year for Moldova.
X: What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink?
D: I love mediterranean food but, when I travel, I love to taste and try all traditional foods from other countries.
X: Are you Eurovision fans?
D: I love the spectacularity of the way every Country puts up the best choreographic show as possible. Year-by-year, I have become more found of the Eurovision and never miss it.  The best part also is the voting system at the end of the performances … that always keeps you on the edge till the last minute!!!
X: Do you have an all time favourite Eurovision song?
D: I love the classic song “Nel blu dipinto di Blu”, more famously known as “VOLARE”, from the Italian singer “Domenico Modugno” who participated in 1958. It has become a symbolic anthem of Italy and one of the most popular Italian songs in the world.
X: Finally, do you have a message for the readers of
D: I hope everyone will appreciate and love “Let me fly” as much as I do, once you hear it a couple of times you won’t be able to get it out of your head!! Ehh ehhh 😉  “ LOVE IS THE ONLY WEAPON, ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT? “. would like to thank Domenico Protino for his time and we’d like to wish him the best of luck in O Melodie Pentru Europa! Watch his song below!

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