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Rumour has it… Xavier Naidoo to Stockholm?

It’s November and that means it’s time for some rumours. Normally, we skip most of them as we’ve seen them year after year (Geri Halliwell for the UK and Sirusho for Armenia, anyone?), but this time there’s one that deserves some attention…
Rumour has it that Germany has decided to call it a day with their national final format of some well known artists and an unknown wildcard. The rumour also says that there will be an internal selection to pick the artist for Stockholm and that the choice is a surprising one: Xavier Naidoo, as reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
Why is the choice so remarkable, in case it turns out to be true?
Back in 2013, Söhne Mannheims tried for Unser Song für Malmö and failed to win the ticket. Being a large band, some members had to stay off stage. One of them was the most successful singer of the group, Xavier Naidoo, who apparently had other plans for his career. If true, Naidoo would now have decided that Eurovision would now be a good move?
A while ago, we already heard that the Clubkonzert would be scrapped in favour of something else. However, no one would probably expect this ‘something else’ to be an internal selection. The show in February would now be called ‘Unser Song für Xavier’, instead of ‘Unser Song für Dänemark’ or other formats with a geographical name.
It has to be repeated that nothing is official here and that this is just a rumour. But this rumour is one that we haven’t heard before and it’ll be interesting to see if NDR react and what the eventual selection method would be.
As for Xavier Naidoo, we already said he’s a singer in the Söhne Mannheims. The 44 year old also had quite a bit of solo success and success as a duo with a rapper, Kool Savas. All of his releases are in German. One of his more recent successful singles was called Bei Meiner Seele, which has been included below.
What do you think? Would Xavier Naidoo be a good choice for Germany?

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