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Anouk expecting #6

More Anouk news and this time it’s not another rant she’s delivered. She will be delivering something else though, as she is expecting her sixth child.
For the 40 year old singer and her 21 year old boyfriend Dominique Schemmekes, who have been together since early 2015, it is their first child together. Anouk already has five children from earlier relationships and this’ll be the fourth different father of a child she’s delivering. Together with her ex-husband Ramon, she got Benjamin Kingsley (13), Elijah Jeremiah (11) and Phoenix Ray (10). Rapper Unorthodox is the father of five year old Jesiah Dox and basketball player Seraino Dalgliesh is responsible for Sion Jethro, who’s now one year old.
Judging on Anouk’s Instagram photo, it won’t be long until the baby says hi to the world. She herself has not spoken on when she is expecting the baby.
Anouk represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with Birds. Despite being a frontrunner with bookmakers, she eventually finished ninth. She also wrote the lyrics for Trijntje Oosterhuis’s Walk Along for Vienna.

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