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Waylon releases new album ‘The World Can Wait’

Waylon today has released his new album ‘The World Can Wait’ ahead of representing The Netherlands in Lisbon at Eurovision 2018.  The album has eleven tracks, including his Eurovision entry ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’ and the four other songs he performed leading up to his Eurovision song reveal. 

Like Country Music? You’ll like this…

Fans of the Country Rock ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’ will be at home with this album, with almost all songs here influenced by Country Music. You will also recognise the other songs he performed on Dutch TV show DWDD in the lead up to his song reveal: ‘Back Together’, ‘That’s How She Goes’, ‘Thanks, But No Thanks and ‘The World Can Wait’.
The title track was inspired by Waylon’s partner celebrity vlogger Bibi Breijman. While struggling with burnout that stopping her from vlogging he comforted her with the words: “Baby, the world can wait.”

  1. Back Together
  2. Outlaw In ‘Em
  3. Shadows In The Dark
  4. That’s How She Goes
  5. Home
  6. Paperboy
  7. Highway Of Heartache
  8. She Just Wants To Play
  9. Thanks, But No Thanks
  10. The World Can Wait
  11. Outlaw In ‘Em (Single Edit)


His new album follows his previous releases ‘Seeds’ in 2016 and ‘Heaven After Midnight’ in 2014. In 2014 he represented The Netherlands alongside Ilse DeLange as the group The Common Linnets. Soon after the contest he left the group to focus on his solo career.
Waylon is on tour in The Netherlands for his album, including an appearance at Eurovision In Concert this weekend in Amsterdam. Check out what we thought of his Eurovision song on our recent Xtra Files review.


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