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SuRie calms down her “Storm” in new acoustic version

SuRie has released a new version of her “Storm”. In a new rendition of her Eurovision entry, the United Kingdom entrant goes back to basics in an acoustic version.

Stripping it back

The acoustic version is not the first alternative version we’ve seen of the UK entry for Lisbon. Just a few weeks ago, a remix version, the 7th Heaven Remix, was released. For this new version, SuRie decided to go back to where she comes from. In a stripped back version, she lets her voice shine through, freed from the uptempo elements any previous versions might have had. The instrumental of the acoustic version only has a piano, played by the singer herself, and a small string ensemble. SuRie herself said about the new version:

Stripping it back to its most intimate, most poignant message has turned the whole adventure full circle for me. I hope fans will embrace this version, and there is no denying that it takes things back to where I come from, musically. A good song still stands when stripped back to its bare bone writing, and it has been so exciting and fun to hear Storm thrive in this new version.

SuRie’s acoustic tour

After the Eurovision Song Contest, SuRie will not have to miss her Eurovision tunes for a long time. The two time backing vocal will once again take the main stage as the will kick off an acoustic tour. The title of her tour will be “Eurovision Unplugged”. She will be singing Eurovision classics in an acoustic version. There are currently seven dates on the calendar. You can check out all the venues on SuRie’s website, here.

What do you think of the acoustic version of SuRie’s “Storm”? Listen to it below on Spotify and let us know what you think!

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