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After all semi finalists have rehearsed: What are the bookmakers thinking?

In the first four days of rehearsals in Lisbon, we’ve seen all participants of the semi-finals rehearse their songs for the very first time. The bookmakers have responded accordingly. Time to take a look at what bookmakers are now thinking about the Eurovision Song Contest 2018…

Current favourite: Israel

  Best odds offered: 5/2  –  Shortest odds offered: 11/5  –  Last week’s best odds: 15/8

They are the current favourite, but is trouble on the horizon for Israel? A week before the rehearsals, it was impossible to double your money with a bet on an Israeli victory. After Netta’s first rehearsals, her odds have drifted slightly with just one bookmaker offering odds shorter than 2/1.

A good second: Norway

  Best odds offered: 7/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 9/2  –  Last week’s best odds: 25/1

It’s been a slow, but very steady rise for Norway’s Alexander Rybak. After being selected, some bookmakers kept him at 80/1. Last week, we already said it’d be good to keep an eye on this former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest as we found him at odds of 25/1.
We hope you then grabbed your chance and put some money on this, as we now find Norway in second place with bookmakers with odds as short as 9/2. Is he going after Johnny Logan’s reputation?

The third horse: France

  Best odds offered: 7/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 11/2  –  Last week’s best odds: 14/1

The only of the clear favourites to not have rehearsed yet is France. Madame Monsieur found themselves in sixth place last week with a considerable amount of money being put on a French victory. The PR machine was in full swing, with Mercy being found and the Head of Delegation claiming they were ready to take the contest to France.
That has made sure Madame Monsieur are now in third place, almost even with Norway. It will be interesting to see how the bookmakers react when they have their first rehearsal tomorrow.

Highest climber: Cyprus

  Best odds offered: 20/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 12/1  –  Last week’s best odds: 100/1

We have to mention Cyprus. Eleni Foureira delivered a flawless performance during her first rehearsal and convinced the press centre with her choreography, visuals and vocals. She won the Press Poll on the second day of rehearsals and saw her odds being shortened in no time.
A week before the rehearsals, we found Cyprus at the lower end of the top twenty. With a bit of luck, you could find her at odds of 100/1. Now, you can only get odds of 20/1. She is rapidly approaching the current top four, being close to overtake some of the ‘older’ favourites (Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Estonia). Can Eleni bring Cyprus a victory?

Another high climber: Moldova

  Best odds offered: 80/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 33/1  –  Last week’s best odds: 150/1

They were the surprise package of the third rehearsal day. The playful performance of the Moldovan entrants DoReDoS set the press centre on fire and they did the same with the betting odds. Just before the contest, Moldova was in 28th, with odds of 150/1.
Now, they find themselves in the very tight midfield. They have odds as short as 33/1 and are seen as an outsider for a top ten finish next Saturday in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Falling rapidly: The Netherlands

  Best odds offered: 150/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 33/1   –   Last week’s best odds: 75/1

It’s not going well for The Netherlands. They were in sixth place not a long time ago, but now find themselves in 23rd position. The first rehearsal Waylon delivered did not go down well, as his odds drifted considerably. In the press poll, he only managed to beat Julia Samoylova from Russia.
Are we seeing an opposite effect to The Common Linnets in 2014? Is it a repeat of Trijntje Oosterhuis’s staging mishaps in 2015? Or can Waylon get back on track with his “Outlaw In ‘Em”?

A fallen favourite: Australia

  Best odds offered: 33/1  –  Shortest odds offered: 7/1   –   Last week’s best odds: 12/1

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week for Australia’s Jessica Mauboy. She was the second favourite to win the entire contest shortly ahead of her rehearsal. Her rehearsal however divided the press, fans and bookmakers more than anyone else.
She is now in tenth place and has to be considered an outsider for victory more than a favourite. Can she get back up with her second rehearsal?

The current ranking with the bookmakers

Below you can see the full ranking of all 43 entries, including best odds and shortest odds at the time of publication, 24th April 2018:

Country Best odds Shortest odds
1.      Israel 5/2 11/5
2.      Norway 7/1 9/2
3.      France 7/1 11/2
4.      Czech Republic 14/1 9/1
5.      Bulgaria 14/1 9/1
6.      Estonia 14/1 10/1
7.      Cyprus 20/1 12/1
8.      Sweden 25/1 12/1
9.      Italy 33/1 20/1
10.   Australia 33/1 7/1
11.   Spain 50/1 20/1
12.   Finland 50/1 25/1
13.   Belgium 50/1 25/1
14.   Greece 50/1 30/1
15.   Austria 70/1 40/1
16.   Moldova 80/1 33/1
17.   Denmark 80/1 50/1
18.   Germany 100/1 50/1
19.   Belarus 100/1 50/1
20.   Portugal 100/1 50/1
21.   Ukraine 100/1 40/1
22.   Lithuania 100/1 66/1
23.   The Netherlands 150/1 40/1
24.   Russia 150/1 66/1
25.   United Kingdom 150/1 50/1
26.   Azerbaijan 150/1 66/1
27.   Hungary 200/1 50/1
28.   Latvia 250/1 66/1
29.   Ireland 300/1 100/1
30.   FYR Macedonia 300/1 100/1
31.   Croatia 300/1 100/1
32.   Romania 300/1 150/1
33.   Serbia 300/1 150/1
34.   Poland 350/1 150/1
35.   Armenia 400/1 100/1
36.   Switzerland 500/1 100/1
37.   Malta 500/1 200/1
38.   Georgia 500/1 150/1
39.   Albania 500/1 200/1
40.   Iceland 500/1 200/1
41.   Montenegro 500/1 200/1
42.   San Marino 500/1 200/1
43.   Slovenia 500/1 200/1

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