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Cyprus ready to host Eurovision in case of victory

Being one of the longest participating countries in the contest without a win, Cyprus, is all aboard when it comes to enjoying their time in the spotlight. The positive reaction after Eleni Foureira’s performance catapulted the small island nation at the top of the bookies leaderboard. 

Logically, the question of whether Cyprus is ready to host the contest on home soil. And the answer is YES.

Michael Maratheftis speaks out

The director general of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Michael Maratheftis, responds positively regarding the possibility of them hosting the event next year.

We would be delighted, willing and able to host Eurovision if it came to it, we have already hosted the Junior Eurovision in Limassol and would be delighted to do it again!

This raises the question of possible venues in which the contest will be held. Eleftheria Indoor Hall with the capacity of 6500 people might be too small for the occasion but Makario Stadium might just be the right solution. However, the stadium would need to go through a construction makeover prior to the contest (roof over the stadium built in).

Eleni Foureira’s Eurovision journey

Over the course of the past week, Cyprus has seen its status been updated from borderline qualifier to hot favourite to win the entire contest. Eleni Foureira’s performance has convinced the people, as well as the bookmakers. The Cypriot odds for a Eurovision victory have had a surprising shortening after the semifinal results. Cyprus now find themselves at odds of 2/1. Cyprus’s hope for the Eurovision Song Contest was started by Alex Papaconstantinou. The highly successful composer was asked by CyBC to write a Eurovision song.

Later on, the broadcaster decided to internally select Greek star Eleni Foureira to sing it in Lisbon. One of Eleni’s most remarkable features in her fiery performance is the amount of hair flips. During the three minutes of “Fuego”, she performs over forty of those. In the BBC interview, she calls that her hairography. Together with her shiny, golden suit, she is seen as one of the sexiest appearances to grace the Eurovision stage in a while.

Eleni will perform her fiery entry during the second half of the Eurovision grand final this Saturday.
Could the Greek superstar bring the contest to Cyprus for the first time? Is “Fuego” your favorite Cypriot entry so far? Did you enjoy her pefromance during the semi final?
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