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🇮🇱 HaKokhav HaBa runner-up Ella Lee unveils debut single “Zot Ani”

Ella Lee Lahav, who placed second in this year’s Israeli Eurovision national selection show HaKokhav HaBa L’Eirovizion, recently released her debut single “Zot Ani”. With more than one million views in just one week, this song is sure to be a massive hit across Israel.

Runner-up to Eden Alene

HaKokhav HaBa tends to be the longest national selection to be found in a Eurovision pre-season, particularly since the condensing of the Lithuanian selection format. With more than thirty episodes, followers of the selection definitely get to know the contestants. Eden Alene took victory in the final, earning the right to represent Israel in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest and has since been reselected for 2021 in response to the contest’s cancellation. Finishing second behind Eden Alene was Ella Lee Lahav and her debut single is a must-listen!

Israel does K-Pop!

Produced by Johnny Goldstein, 17-year-old Ella Lee’s debut single is titled “Zot Ani” and is in Hebrew. The song and video can be considered very K-Pop in style and it is an amazingly bold choice for a debut single. With one million views on YouTube in just one week, the track is gearing up to be a summer hit all over Israel. Perhaps this song is a taste of what Ella could have brought to Eurovision had she taken victory in HaKokhav HaBa? See what you think below!


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  1. I\’m from Latin America and I heard this song because they said it\’s plagiarism to \”mamamoo – hip\”. Even if I find the resemblance, I liked this song

  2. Her producer did her dirty, she has an amazing talent. but the songs are almost the same so i dont know how to feel about the situation but the song is a fucking bop

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