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🇧🇪 Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro in duet for Music Nights by Qmusic

Slowly but surely, we are releasing the corona regulations. In Belgium, artists are allowed to give small concerts, and ofcourse a lot of them look forward to rock that stage again. After a surprisingly beautiful collab, Laura Tesoro and Loïc Nottet will have a duet again. The session will take place on Friday, 10 July.

Belgian prouds join hands

He finished fourth for Belgium in 2015 with “Rhythm Inside”, she finished tenth in 2016 with “What’s The Pressure” for that same little country. Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro join hands in an upcoming concert organised by Belgian radio channel Qmusic. Each year, the channel organizes “Q-Beachhouse” in Ostende. Due to COVID-19, they had to cancel it, but they have found an alternative! Starting on Friday, 10 July, Qmusic hosts a Q-Hotspot in Ostende where several artists can perform and give a small audience an enjoyable evening. Belgian prouds Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro are kicking off these little concerts next friday. Qmusic holds a small competition to win tickets, but don’t worry! You can follow the concert on a livestream aswell!

Not the first time

Loïc Nottet and Laura Tesoro sharing the stage isn’t really new for them. About an halve year ago, they have collaborated aswell during the charity show of Rode Neuzendag. That team up went so well that the two certainly saw a sequel. Early June, Loïc Nottet mentioned again that he was willing to work together with Laura. “The sense to do that is there with both, just a good song and then we dive into the studio”. Would you like to hear a song recorded by these young Belgian artists?

Loïc Nottet in the Eurovision Song Contest

We all know that Belgium experiences a lot of ups and downs in its Eurovision journey. Suddenly, there was a young Walloon guy that got selected by RTBF. He made a really good impression after his participation in The Voice Belgique. With the song “Rhythm Inside”, he wowed a lot of people. As the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna came closer, Loïc gained more and more support. Enough to finish second in the first semi final and to give Belgium a wonderful fourth place in the final. Enjoy his performance one more time!

Laura Tesoro in the Eurovision Song Contest

One year later, Flanders’ VRT got to choose its candidate for Eurovision. With the national selection “Eurosong 2016”, they went for Laura Tesoro. Laura was a young artist, but a natural talent who already gained experiences during her childhood. The whole of Belgium believed that she was born to do the Eurovision and so she did in Stockholm. Before the contest, “What’s The Pressure” didn’t seem to get too much attention, but after Laura’s first rehearsal, the opinions started to change. As a perfect closing act in semi final two, she made her way to the grand final in which she finished tenth.

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