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🇮🇪 Jedward release an ‘Extraordinary’ new music video

We are living in an extraordinary time right now. Concerts are postponed, new releases are sparse and we are all busy running away in panic as soon as someone offer us a handshake. Well, it’s time to perk up a bit and push away the bad thoughts, because there’s something else that’s extraordinary out right now – the music video for Jedward’s newest single!

They may have gotten a haircut, but the twins are just as energetic and fun to watch as ever in the video for their heartfelt EDM track. It features plenty of fast edits, glittery jackets and the boys showing off their dance moves as water pours on top of them from the leaky ceiling. Not that it bothers them even a little, nothing stops the dance!

The song is actually part of Jedward’s new album called ‘Voice Of A Rebel‘ and you can listen to the whole thing by following this link. Check out the music video for ‘Extraordinary’ down below:

Jedward were close to the Waterline

The last time water met Jedward, the twins were splish-splashing around on stage for their big Eurovision comeback in 2012. Their hair was about 150 meters longer than now, but that didn’t stop them from cartwheeling around on stage while looking like secret members of the Power Rangers. The points got stuck in the drain on their way down, but the boys still managed to nab a 19th place finish. Forget coffee and perk up by experiencing it all again down below:

What are your thoughts on ‘Extraordinary’? Do you wish to see Jedward back in Eurovision one day? Is the song really…extraordinary?

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