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Martin Österdahl and Astrid Dutrénit join Eurovision Reference Group

A new executive supervisor and executive producer!

Two new faces will be joining the Eurovision reference group – the committee responsible for organising and overseeing the contest – this year. For 2021, we see a new executive supervisor and executive producer join the group, following two departures.

EBU Executive Supervisor, Martin Österdahl and Eurovision 2021 Executive Producer, Astrid Dutrénit have joined the group ahead of the 2021 contest in Rotterdam, which will be the first contest back following Eurovision being cancelled for the first time ever in 2020. They will replace departing members Jon Ola Sand and Inge van de Weerd.

Who’s in the group?

Formed by the EBU’s Television Committee in 1998, the Eurovision Reference Group meets several times a year and represents, and works on behalf of, Eurovision’s participating broadcasters. The group oversees, guides and controls the contest and its brand. As well as enforcing the contest’s rules, they work to organise and oversee each edition of the contest.

The members of the current reference group are:

  • Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling (Germany) – Chairman
  • Martin Österdahl (Sweden) – EBU Executive Supervisor
  • David Tserunyan (Armenia) – Elected Head of Delegation
  • Aleksandar Radic (Slovenia) – Elected Head of Delegation
  • Reto Peritz (Switzerland) – Elected Head of Delegation
  • Carla Bugalho (Portugal) – Eurovision 2018 Executive Producer
  • Ayala Mizrachi (Israel) – Eurovision 2019 Deputy Executive Supervisor
  • Astrid Dutrénit (Netherlands) – Eurovision 2021 Executive Producer
  • Yuval Cohen (Israel) – Eurovision 2019 Creative Director
  • Rachel Ashdown (United Kingdom) – Appointed member

Are you excited to see the new reference group at work? What new rules would you like to see implemented into Eurovision 2021?

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