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🇸🇪 Benjamin Ingrosso calls reactions to low 2018 televote score “straight up bullying”

Sweden’s low score in the televote got quite the reactions back in 2018, both good and bad. Benjamin Ingrosso looked back on the experience in a recent interview.

“It is straight up bullying”

In an interview with Swedish magazine Frida, Benjamin Ingrosso talks about his Eurovision experience. He recalls the cheerful reaction from journalists when the televote results were revealed.

“I remember that I got really low televoting score from Europe. I remember that all the journalists got up and cheered when I got the low score. It is straight up bullying. It wasn’t towards me personally, but I’m affected by it.”

Despite experiencing such a negative reaction first hand, he points out that he doesn’t regret participating in the contest.

“It was a journey that I absolutely don’t regret. I learned a lot, but it was definitely stressful.”

Furthermore, he states that he has no intentions of returning to Eurovision.

Benjamin Ingrosso at Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Benjamin represented Sweden with the song “Dance You Off”. While jury groups all over Europe rated it highly, televoters weren’t as impressed. Despite the discrepancy between the two votes, Sweden finally finished in a respectable 7th place.

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  1. Are we talking about the same person who made a reaction video where he:

    1. said the drummer of Eye Cue looks like a homeless person and that the transition in the song sounds like f**t;
    2. nicknamed Mladen from Balkanika Voldemort;
    3. couldn\’t pronounce Croatia (Croaisia, Creeasia, Croazha);
    4. called out Sammarinese song for low production;
    5. took out his earplugs when he played the Hungarian song?

    Oh Benny, you are the last person to call out someone to be a bully.

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