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πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ Laura Tesoro becomes the fifth coach of The Voice of Flanders

Away from the traditional four coach series, The Voice of Flanders will have a fifth coach starting from this week. And it’s none other than Laura Tesoro!

Offering a second chance

Laura’s role is different compared to the other coaches. Known as the online coach, she will be able to save contestants who have been eliminated. From the blind auditions to the battles, even if someone has been rejected, they still have a chance to make it to the live shows.

More of this is explained by Laura:

“During the blind auditions I already have one big advantage, because they are anything but blind for me. I also keep an eye on the candidates of the other coaches throughout the entire process. If they are out during the knockouts or the battles, I still have places in my team to pick them up. I take viewers on my search for my top team in The Voice Comeback Stage on VTM GO. And who knows, someone from my team, who dropped out earlier, will eventually win The Voice. I’m in for the win!”

Laura Tesoro on her coaching role in The Voice of Flanders

Just like the four coaches (Niels Destadsbader, Natalia Druyts, Tourist LeMC and Koen Wauters), Laura has three contestants to take to the live shows. Throughout the series, these potential candidates will be given a hotseat. However, as Laura tells, this doesn’t guarantee them a pass to the finals.

“There are only three, so the competition is fierce. Even on a hot seat, a candidate is never safe.”

Laura Tesoro

The Voice of Flanders begins this Friday. Shortly after each episode, you can watch The Voice Comeback Stage on VTM GO.

Laura Tesoro in Eurovision 2016

In 2016, Laura Tesoro won the Belgian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Belgium in Stockholm with ‘What’s The Pressure’. Laura made it to the Grand Final and placed 10th overall.

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