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🇪🇸 Spain: More details about Blas Canto’s selection revealed

Two very different songs, special guests and international voting!

Last month, Spanish broadcaster RTVE announced that a two-song national final will be held in February to select Blas Cantó’s entry for Eurovision 2021. The two-hour gala show will be broadcast live and the winning entry will be selected by a public vote. Now, more details about the selection have been revealed…everything except the actual date.

Earlier, RTVE confirmed that the two songs, which were selected from a shortlist of ten, will be released shortly. The national final entries were selected by RTVE and the Warner record company, along with Blas and his team.

The first song is very catchy, I think it sticks in the memory. The second is an incredible song, it breathes a lot of sensitivity and strength at the same time.

Descriptions of the two songs

“The TVE gala will be dynamic, exciting and fun”

In an interview on the broadcaster’s website, Blas has teased what we can expect from the 2-hour extravaganza. Despite the pandemic, we will be expecting to see performances from special guests in addition to Blas himself.

There will be Eurovision faces, of course. We are still closing the repertoire and the collaborations that night.

Blas speaking to RTVE about what to expect from the show

In an interview with Jan Bors, the Spanish Head of Delegation Ana Maria Bordas also revealed that viewers living outside of Spain will be able to vote in the selection:

Not only the national but the international audience will have the possibility to vote for them on the RTVE online platform before the gala, since the system will not be closed due to geolocation. Then, at the gala you can also vote by phone call and SMS, as in Eurovision. 

Spanish Head of Delegation Ana Maria Bordas

You can watch the full interview below:

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