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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Stefania reveals Eurovision song “Last Dance” for Greece

Kontopoulos, Vaughn and ARCADE behind the Greek entry

This week is the gift that keeps on giving: Greece, represented by Stefania Liberakakis, have revealed their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The 18-year old Dutch-Greek singer will perform Last Dance in Rotterdam. ERT premiered the song on their streaming platform ERTFLIX.

Stefania and her 2020 adventure

Back in 2020, Greece selected Stefania to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest that year. She then was a relatively unknown singer in Greece, but had gained a large following among young people in her home country the Netherlands. She already represented them at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Her entry Superg!rl became Greece’s entry for Rotterdam 2020. After the cancellation of the contest, ERT were one of the first broadcasters to confirm their intention of once again selecting Stefania for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The road to Last Dance

In preparation for this year’s contest, Stefania recorded five potential entries which were then judged by a committee set up by Greek broadcaster ERT. Last Dance was chosen for Stefania and the title was revealed on January 7th.

The creative team surrounding Last Dance is largely the same as the team that worked on Superg!rl. Kostas Karydas has returned to as the director of the video, while Fokas Evangelinos will also reprise his role as the entry’s creative director. On the Eurovision stage, Stefania will be joined by four dancers: George Papadopoulos, Nikos Koukakis, Markos Giakoumoglou and Costas Pavlopoulos.

The early reports that Last Dance would have an ’80s pop feeling’, similar to the current chart hits of British singer Dua Lipa, seem to be correct. The song delivers an upbeat message to the world. Songwriters behind Last Dance are Sharon Vaughn, Dimitris Kontopoulos and the collective ARCADE. Vaughn and Kontopoulos are no strangers to the Eurovision Song Contest. Just this year, Sharon Vaughn is responsible for both Moldova’s Sugar and Estonia’s The Lucky One. Kontopoulos has also worked on the former. The other song the duo has previously worked on is Sergey Lazarev’s comeback entry in 2019, Scream.

The ARCADE collective consists of several songwriters, mostly based in Greece: Diverno, Gabriel Russell, Pavlos Manolis and Anastasios Rammos. Rammos is also a singer himself. He previously released a successful duet with 2005 Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou, titled An Me Deis Na Klaio.

Greece will take part in the first half of the second semifinal. Up until 2016, they had always qualified for the final. However, both Argo and Yianna Terzi failed to make the cut. Can Greece return to their fortunes?

What do you think about Stefania and her song “Last Dance”? Let us know what you think below!

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