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🇪🇸 New version of “Voy a quedarme” for Eurovision

Blas Cantó has said he will sing a new version of “Voy a quedarme” on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

In an interview with, Blas Cantó talked about some further changes for his Eurovision 2021 entry “Voy A Quedarme”. The final version is still pending approval. However there will be a difference between the entry currently available and the live version performed in Rotterdam.

The changes include some in the second verse and some a cappella, with the beginning part of the song maintained but also open to modification. Blas sounded positive about the changes and shared that he was “very happy and excited” about the entry.

On when he sings “Voy a quedarme”:

“I don’t think about winning. I think about love and the absence that is presence. I think about doing a good performance and enjoying it. Eurovision is very unpredictable, every year something different wins and the important thing is to sing about something real that happens to you”.

Blas Cantó

The Eurovision star ended the interview by talking about the importance of his role in representing Spain and creating interest in Spain for Eurovision. The interview noted that Blas felt supported by the delegation from TVE. He also has a good communicative relationship between himself and Director of Entertainment Toñi Prieto.

Blas Cantó at Eurovision

Blas Cantó selected “Voy A Quedarme” to be his 2021 entry to represent Spain at Eurovision three weeks ago. This followed a song selection process where he chose between two songs performed on Destino Eurovision on RTVE. The choice was between “Memoria” and “Voy A Quedarme”, with the Spanish public ultimately choosing the latter. He was originally due to sing “Universo” at the Eurovision 2020 Song Contest before it was cancelled. He was later invited back by RTVE to perform at the 2021 contest.

As Spain are part of the “Big 5” that contribute the most to the EBU, Blas Cantó will be automatically performing in the final in Rotterdam. He will perform “Voy A Quedarme” in its final approved form. Listen to the current version below:

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