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🇸🇪 Petra Mede talks MelFest, Eurovision and more!

The Swedish Eurovision legend talks about MelFest, Eurovision and working for the BBC.

She’s been the host of MelFest, the Eurovision Song Contest TWICE and hosted the special 60th anniversary celebration Eurovision Greatest Hits with Graham Norton. She’s also the host of the Swedish version of Strictly Come Dancing – Let’s Dance. The talented Petra Mede sat down with The Euro Trip podcast to give an exclusive and informative interview.

How it all went down

As you can see below, Petra was interviewed on various aspects of MelFest and Eurovision. Here’s how it all transpired.

Her MelFest future

Petra was asked the following question regarding her future in Melfest.

Is there any chance that we’ll see you host Melfest again?

She gave this succinct response.

I don’t close any doors, I love Melfest and I love Eurovision and it will always be part of me

Petra was then pressed on how the UK/BBC could change things to improve their results, here is what she elaborated.

One of things that Edward [af Sillén], Christer [Bjorkman] and Martin [Osterdahl] did was to be a little bit self aware. You show you are having a bit of distance at the same time that you’re in love with it, like in Love Love Peace Peace… then you have the mandate to take it seriously.”

The magical thing [about Melfest] is building up to the final. If you have 6 shows before the final, and if you come to a small city then the whole city becomes alive and lives for it.”

Being able to make a good career after it, building up in many shows and being able to have a lot of humour. That’s my advice.

Sound advice indeed, don’t you think?!

A future in Britain?

An interesting question was posed to Petra about any future prospects of work in the UK. Here is what was asked:

If the BBC rang you and asked you to host a [selection] show, would you do it?

She had this in answer.

In a heartbeat!

I worked with BBC and Graham Norton and I’m amazed at how professional English TV is.

Here in Sweden we don’t usual work with prompters, so you have to learn everything you’re going to say. When I came to London to host the 60th anniversary show, I said “I’m not going to be able to do this, I can’t learn all the text.” I worked with Simon Proctor who is just wonderful and he said “you don’t have to learn anything Petra, we have promoters!”

So I would absolutely come

I would love to come, I would love to come

Mans made me feel much more safe… and we always had so much fun. I’d love to work with Mans again, he’s just great

You can listen to the full podcast below.

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