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The story of TIX retold in children’s book

He told the world his story through their TV screens earlier this year, but now he’s doing the same in the form of a book! Earlier this week, TIX published a children’s book titled TIX: Den Stygge Andungen (The Ugly Duckling).

Conveying a message of hope

In an interview with Budstikka, the Norwegian Eurovision 2021 representative aims to send a message to those who may find it difficult to grow up. The title of the book comes from his speech after winning this year’s Melodi Grand Prix.

“In the speech I said that I have always felt like the ugly duckling. This was the ultimate way to show that I have gotten through everything.”

TIX on the reason behind his book title

The book was first teased on Instagram in September, before being released this month.

Aimed towards younger readers

Although TIX’s release has already been met with positive feedback by media outlets, he’s not that interested in the opinions of adult readers. The book is written for a younger audience.

“The most important thing is that I address the children directly and that they understand what I want to convey. 

The most difficult part of writing the book has been choosing the stories so that they are suitable for reading in bed for the little ones.

The stories I have selected are suitable for a young audience. The common thread in the book is about the journey from Andreas to TIX. From the insecure, shy boy to a role model who invites everyone in.”

In addition, TIX addresses the challenge in upbringings, exclusion and mental health.

Budstikka asks the new author what he hopes readers will be left with after reading the book, to which he responds:

“Very often I am asked to give advice, but it can be superficial to just say that it gets better. My story can be an example of that being the case.”

A success even before its official release

TIX has worked with publisher Gyldendal for his book, who have said that it is their most pre-sold book of all time. Last weekend, he signed around 6,000 copies.

The book’s editor, Nina Méd, has said that the response is “mildly overwhelming”.

TIX in Eurovision 2021

TIX represented Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Fallen Angel”. He qualified to the Grand Final where he finished 18th with 75 points.

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