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Ukraine’s Go_A releases new single “Kalyna”

The song is based on an Ukrainian legend

Ukraine’s Eurovision 2021 representative Go_A has released a new single today. The group tells that the song “Kalyna” is a message to the world that should be united for the future of humanity.

Kalyna (guelder-rose) is an Ukrainian symbol which was a part of Ukrainian culture since ancient times. Its meanings were transferred through the ages in legends and songs. A broken kalyna tree was a sign of a trouble and a tragedy, abuse of this tree was a shameful act. Ukrainian people carefully protected it because there was a belief that kalyna grows only next to good people. Our ancestors believed that kalyna has a power that brings immortality and can unite generations to fight evil.

Go_A on “Kalyna”

During the promoting of the song, Go_A has also urged people to help the Ukraine during the on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine by making a donation through the The Return Alive Foundation. All the funds of the song will also go to helping Ukraine.

Go_A was chosen to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with “Solovey” after winning the national selection Vidbir. However, after the contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the group was internally selected for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 by the broadcaster. At the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 they finished fifth in the grand final with the song “Shum”.

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