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Konstrakta and Chanel landslide YouTube views following Eurovision’s second semi

A surprising leader with YouTube views, less than a day after the second Eurovision semi: Serbia’s Konstrakta is storming ahead, followed by Big Five entrant Chanel from Spain. How is the rest performing? We’ve taken a look at the standings at 19:20 CEST.

Serbia leading YouTube figures

Currently, Serbia have 1,904,123 YouTube views for “In Corpore Sano”. Konstrakta therefore destroys the competition behind her. She is even doing better than Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra did on Wednesday – as they were around 1,5 million views. Looking at last year, Serbia leading the pack is no surprise: Hurricane did the same after their semifinal.

  1. Serbia: 1,904,123
  2. Poland: 745,680
  3. Romania: 621,153
  4. Sweden: 374,158
  5. Finland: 325,152
  6. Czech Republic: 239,771
  7. Australia: 186,424
  8. Azerbaijan: 182,140
  9. Belgium: 181,919
  10. Estonia: 178,578

Going against the results of the show, Cyprus is high up on the list – in fourth place. Andromache failed to qualify with her “Ela”, but is close to 450,000 views at this point. That means she outranks favourites Sweden and has more than double the votes of qualifiers like Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium or Estonia.

At under 70,000, Montenegro’s live semifinal performance is currently the least-watched. Of the qualified entries, Estonia is currently in last place. Stefan performed “Hope” last night and now has 178,578 views – less than 10% of Serbia’s views.

A minute of Spain is enough for a YouTube search

We now also have the stats for the Big Five pre-qualified entries. Uploaded on Wednesday, Italy and France have had more time to rake in the clicks. Italy’s Mahmood & Blanco are approaching a million views, coming in at 956,347 views. Alvan & Ahez from France aren’t doing bad at all – they now have 435,443 views.

Having had less than a day to get clicks, so normally, you’d expect these to be behind Wednesday’s clicks. This is true for Germany at 113,697 views. Sam Ryder for the United Kingdom would be #6 in views after last night with 315,476 views.

The queen supreme of the Big Five however is Spain. With just a minute being shown on screens all over Europe, it was enough for the crowd to start searching for “SloMo” on YouTube. Chanel comes in at 1,233,031 views in just one day.

In terms of YouTube views, Serbia, Spain and Ukraine may be the three to watch.

What do you think? Do these YouTube stats give us an indication of the televote support for some of these entries? How do you do you think Spain and Serbia will do in Saturday’s grand final? Let us know! Be sure to stay updated by following @ESCXTRA on Twitter@escxtra on Instagram and liking our Facebook page for the latest updates! Also, make sure you follow us on Spotify for the latest music from your favourite Eurovision acts.

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