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Eurovision stars part of second “Save Ukraine – #StopWar” telethon on May 29

A charity telethon in support of Ukraine, the #StopWar telethon is due to air Sunday May 29th. It is the second such charity telethon after one that aired March 27th. Eurovision artists including Go_A and Kalush Orchestra are part of the lineup. The broadcast is available for international viewers on the Youtube channel of 1+1 and Atlas Festival, as well as on their international TV versions. It will start at 20:00 CEST on Sunday, 21:00 local time in Kyiv.

In support of Ukraine

Two months ago, a charity telethon in support of Ukraine raised more than 1.2 million EUR, going towards efforts to solve humanitarian problems caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – it had an audience of approximately 80 million people worldwide.

A second #StopWar telethon is taking place specifically on May 29th, which is Kyiv Day in Ukraine, a holiday that celebrates the city of Ukraine. It is dedicated the struggle of Ukrainians against Russia. It will take place both in Kyiv and Berlin, and the artists will perform live from these locations.

As before, the symbol of the concert is a sunflower, created by Ukrainian artist Daniel Skripnik.

You can read more about this concert here. Ukrainian news broadcaster TCH highlights that a special focus of the funds raised will be to help Ukrainian doctors in treating patients, both soldiers and civilians.

Eurovision artists among lineup

As seen in the video below, the artists performing at this event are all popular Ukrainian musical acts. They include several acts Ukraine has sent to Eurovision in the past, and more that have taken part in the Ukrainian national final over the years.

They include:

  • Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine 2022, Eurovision winners)
  • Go_A (Ukraine 2021, 2020)
  • MELOVIN (Ukraine 2018)
  • ONUKA (Interval act at the Kyiv 2017 contest)
  • The Hardkiss (Vidbir 2016)
  • alyona alyona
  • Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006)
  • Beissoul & Einius
  • Antytila
  • Okean Elzy

The #StopWar telethon is planned to last 2 hours.

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