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Jamie-Lee turns up the heat with new single ‘oh oh’

Finish last in the Eurovision Song Contest may actually change you, looking at Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. The German singer is back with a new track, called “oh oh” and it’s something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from the “Ghost” singer.

German… schlager for Jamie-Lee?

Back in the early days of her career, Jamie-Lee was very much a K-Pop inspired artists. Her looks matched the theme and so did her music. Her 2021 EP was called Seoul, yet another reference to South Korea. However, “oh oh” is a step away from the theme, as we’re looking more in the direction of K-Popified German schlager. Ron Rauscher and Jamie-Lee Kriewitz wrote the song together.

“oh oh” is in German completely, much like her 2021 EP Seoul. Ever since returning to releasing music in 2020, Jamie-Lee has opted to sing in her mother tongue on her tracks. “oh oh” is the story of a hot and steamy love affair with lyrics such as “I don’t want it good, I want it wild. Yeah girl, your body has a license to kill” or “Feel your lips, softly on my stomach. I’m like a teenager, having goosebumps“. That’s a different cup of tea from “Ghost”…

Jamie-Lee at Eurovision

Germany selected The Voice winner Jamie-Lee Kriewitz for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. They did so after a last-minute national final. Xavier Naidoo had been selected internally, but uproar in Germany meant his selection was revoked. Instead, a national final took place where Jamie-Lee entered her The Voice winning song “Ghost”. In the superfinal of that national final, she beat Avantasia and Alex Diehl to snatch the ticket to Eurovision.

There, only three countries awarded Germany with points. Switzerland (8 points) and Austria (2 points) were loyal friends in televoting, with Georgia giving “Ghost” 1 point in their jury vote. With that, Germany finished last for the second time in a row. Between 2015 and 2022, Germany only managed to escape the bottom two once, in 2018. In all other editions, they finished either last or second last.

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