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Italian semi-final 2 broadcast allegedly revealing Italy’s televote results

This is breaking news and this article may be updated as more information emerges.

During the Italian broadcast of the second Eurovision Semi-Final this year, broadcaster RAI seemingly revealed information about their televote results. A banner at the bottom of the screen gave the list of the participating countries in the semi-final, with a percentage associated to each of them. The effect is very similar to the way the Superfinal Sanremo detailed results have been revealed in the past few years.

Below you can see a replay of the broadcast, published by RaiNews to replay the recap of the qualifiers. RaiNews is the official news outlet of Rai, not unlike BBC News is for the BBC.

For now, there is no source yet confirming that these figures are indeed the Italian televote. The figures used are as follows:

  1. Malta – 2.19%
  2. Albania – 6.68%
  3. Greece – 5.29%
  4. Switzerland – 6.03%
  5. Czechia – 2.48%
  6. Austria – 2.84%
  7. Denmark – 2.93%
  8. Armenia – 5.83%
  9. Latvia – 2.91%
  10. San Marino – 3.54%
  11. Georgia – 6.64%
  12. Belgium – 1.68%
  13. Estonia – 2.8%
  14. Israel – 39.31%
  15. Norway – 1.55%
  16. The Netherlands – 7.32%

While RAI is one of the rare countries transparent about their televote figures (at least in terms of percentages), they have not revealed the details of their semi-final vote before the Grand Final in the last few years. As such, the figures cannot yet be confirmed to be Italy’s televote.

RAI 2EBU/Corinne Cumming

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