Malta 2014

For all the news about the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place on the host island of Malta.

Vincenzo dedicates his victory to all women

Vincenzo Cantiello dedicates his victory to all women on earth, especially his first love. Watch his first reactions on video.

Italy victorious at Junior Eurovision

Vincenzo Cantiello secures win on Italian debut

I’m a Junior Eurovision convert – what a shame I’m not a kid any more

I was 13 years old when the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest hit screens across the continent. I was already an avid follower of the main contest and I was incredibly excited about the spin-off that would feature people of my age; more than ever I would be able to live through these kids and believe that it could be me up there living the dream. As someone in my early teens I was bang in the middle of the target audience for the show – so on paper, given how much I loved the adult version of Eurovision, it was maybe surprising that I completely detested it. I think as somebody the same age as the contestants myself I was insulted that somebody somewhere thought that this garbage was what I wanted to watch. I felt patronised that all this kiddy-pop was being thrown at me as some sort of runner-up prize because the real contest was too beyond my years. After that first contest my interest rapidly declined, and I never again watched a contest in full. I had an awareness of what was happening and the songs that were doing well, and nothing I …

Junior Eurovision Editor Predictions

Who do our editors see as the most likely winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014?

Malta tipped to win JESC 2014

Can Malta make it double in JESC? Check the predictions from the press.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Remember the date, 15 November 2014. The proud Mediterranean island nation of Malta host their first ever Eurovision branded show. With 16 nations competing, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has returned the show to its glory days. The show begins at 19:00 CET and for non-participating nations, it will be streamed live at The show has evolved this year in many ways. Every viewer can have their say on the show by voting in one of two ways. If you are in a participating country, follow the instructions on-screen. If not, during the voting window there will be an online vote on the official website, the winner of which will receive a prize at the winner’s press conference after the show. It will also be the first Junior Eurovision Song Contest hosted by just one presenter. Moira Delia will single-handedly run tonight’s show. The show will be coming live from Marsa Shipbuilding, a refurbished shipyard which now houses a stage for both Junior Eurovision and Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 taking place next week. The slogan for the competition is #together, which is also the title of the group song. Each of the participating nations have selected their …

Junior Eurovision Review – Part Eight

Time for the last part of these series! What did we think of Slovenia and Malta?

EBU confirms its full confidence in PBS

After the technical fault that halted the second dress rehearsal, EBU confirms it's full confidence in PBS.

JESC 14 – 2nd dress rehearsal – jury final

Follow this live report from the 2nd dress rehearsal of the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

JESC 14 – First Dress Rehearsal – Photo gallery & Video

Have a look at the photos and video of this afternoon's first dress rehearsal for JESC 14.