Vienna 2015

Improvement in Edurne’s second live performance of ‘Amanecer’

Spain’s representative for Vienna, Edurne, has performed her entry, ‘Amanecer‘ live for the second time in just a few days. The first performance was in the show Alaska y Segura, and this time she took on the stage of La Alfombra Roja Palace.

Speaking with the show hosts after her performance, Edurne said that she has received a lot of support and that she is really looking forward to getting on stage in Vienna. She said that she is, indeed, quite nervous, but that she is doing everything to defeat those nerves and not let anything get on the way of giving her everything.
Ruth Lorenzo appeared and gave Edurne some tips. She recommended to love the eurofans, to keep being herself, because, Ruth said, she is amazing and, lastly, to enjoy as much as she can because Eurovision is the best.
During her first performance Edurne looked quite uncomfortable and the overall impression left a lot to be desired. This time, however, she was much more confident and looked as though she was more in control of her voice and enjoying herself throughout the song. Details about the staging for Vienna have not been revealed, but if these two performances are anything of a clue, I would expect that this is closer to the final product than what we saw in Alaska y Segura. The wind machine comes a bit too early (as it is used immediately as the song kicks off) but the dress suits Edurne’s amazing figure to perfection.
What we do know is that Giuseppe Di Bella will be her backing dancer. Giuseppe is not unknown to the Eurovision world, as he was the dancer in Ruth Lorenzo’s preview video. Edurne has also worked with him in the past, the most memorable occasion being during her performance of Pink’s ‘Try’ in Tu Cara Me Suena, which she nailed and you can see below.

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