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The best of the Worst: Part 2 of the “nul points” countdown

Welcome back to the countdown of the best worst songs in Eurovision history. Out of the 1250-odd songs that have competed in a Eurovision final, only 36 have ever failed to score, with a mere 16 of those coming in the last 40 years, when with all the countries voting and points on offer, leaving with nothing is quite a feat in itself!
Last time we started looking back at some of these notorious anti-classics, trying to figure out why they met with such a fate, and finding the hidden qualities amongst them – easier in some cases than others. Click here for the first half of our countdown.
It’s time for the top five songs to have landed at the very bottom of the pile, including the champion of the losers, the ultimate nul points song of all time. We’ll also have a look at another song we felt was utterly deserving of being the lowest of the low. If you don’t agree, make sure to leave a comment underneath! It’s time once again to resurrect the ghosts of nul points past…

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