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The best of the Worst: Part 2 of the “nul points” countdown


Jemini – Cry Baby (United Kingdom 2003)

We come, finally, to another notorious Eurovision moment, but one that definitely deserved every point it racked up on the scoreboard. The most fame nul points occasion of our time, we all know what happened here. Whilst accusations of political voting initially flew around, and would continue to dog the UK at Eurovision for many years, nobody could deny that this was one of the contest’s all time worst vocal performances, or argue that it should have received anything more than it got.
Of course the vocals are enough to let you ignore the boring staging and the empty song, so as well as being a case of a truly bad performance getting a truly bad score, it is also a prime example of a “this will do” attitude from the United Kingdom. This was the start of the dark years for the country, and the recovery is yet to happen. The political voting excuse was enough to ensure the BBC didn’t try any harder, but 12 years later, this really should serve as a warning that sooner or later, history will repeat itself…

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