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Why Globen is the best choice for 2016

We can keep the bridge theme going…

Last but not least: Bridges! DR already put up a sign in 2013 saying they were going to cross the bridge from Malmö to Copenhagen and they did by Emmelie de Forest’s victory. When we actually crossed that bridge for 2014, they kept telling us about it, bridge here, bridge there. And then Austria followed with their slogan: Building Bridges. We even got a theme song called Building Bridges. Bridges everywhere. And now we’re in Stockholm…
I count seven bridges on this picture alone. And there are about fifty other bridges in Stockholm. The old name for Magnus’s favourite part, Gamla Stan, is ‘Staden mellan broarna’ – The city between bridges.
All in all: Plenty of bridges to keep our theme going and plenty of reasons why Globen Arena is definitely the best choice to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

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Nick van Lith

I'm one of the founding members of ESCXTRA.com. Eleven years after the start, I'm proud to say that I am now the Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful website. When I'm not doing Eurovision stuff, you should be able to find me teaching German to kids... And cheering on everything and everyone Greek, pretty much. Pame Ellada!

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