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Why Globen is the best choice for 2016

We’re having Eurovision in the world’s biggest Köttbullar

Don’t we all know the legendary IKEA meatball, the Köttbullar? Haven’t we all visited IKEA to finish our trip through Billy, Aläng and Norrviken by sitting down in their buffet restaurant with a plate of köttbullar, some mysterious cream sauce and the insufferable lingonberry jam?
Now compare these (almost) round meatballs, frozen and almost white, to the Eurovision venue…
Striking similarity, I’d say…

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Nick van Lith

I'm one of the founding members of ESCXTRA.com. Eleven years after the start, I'm proud to say that I am now the Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful website. When I'm not doing Eurovision stuff, you should be able to find me teaching German to kids... And cheering on everything and everyone Greek, pretty much. Pame Ellada!

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