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Xtra’s Pick of the 21st Century

It’s Friday and that means we take a look at the best of this current century. Today, it’s Nathan‘s turn to introduce you to a song that we should all be familiar with.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I get to have my say on what we’re selecting as our Eurovision highlights through years gone by.
This was an easy choice because the failure to qualify for this nation and this entry still hurt hard to this day, nearly 9 contests later. In fact, I would like to suggest that had this song made it through to the Saturday night show, the tiny landlocked nation would still be competing in the competition in an attempt to recreate the glory of 2007.
Now that I’ve said the year, it should be obvious. If it isn’t and you call yourself a fan of the contest, take a long hard look at yourself as I’ve left multiple clues throughout this piece.
You got it now? Good. If not, I’ll lay a few more clues for you to work out the unknown author of the bilingual three minute piece of music.
These four lads, equipped with their instruments of choice, stepped aboard the Helsinki stage assisted by some good old Britishness, channeling the Busted-like sound and mentality fairly decently albeit three years after Busted broke up.
The performance will forever be remembered with their absence noted on the Saturday night by a giant banner straddling several audience members asking the question we were all searching for an answer to.
If you’re still clueless then there’s no hope for you. Either that or you became a fan after the single semifinal format was canned.
Of course, the nation that I have been talking about is Andorra, the artist is Anonymous and their song was “Salvem el món (Let’s Save the World)”. Enjoy the best that the little Iberian nation has offered to Eurovision and let’s all hope that they return to the competition once more sooner rather than later.

Andorra 2007: Anonymous – Salvem El Món (12th in semi-final)

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