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Xtra’s Pick of the Comebacks: 1990s

It’s comeback week here on escXtra.com and today it’s time for a 1990s comeback. Today’s choice comes from Nathan.
I didn’t mean to copy my colleague Nick yesterday by also picking a winner, it just so happens that the most memorable comeback for me in the decade of the 90s was a winning return.
This is probably one of the most iconic winning entries due to winning on a tie-break procedure and having a great dance routine to accompany the on-point vocals from someone who very quickly became a national treasure in their home nation.
This was a return in 1991 that followed a third place in 1983. Captured by a storm wind, the English translation of the song.
Carola’s “Fångad av en stormvind” was the winner due to a count back rule, and if today’s tiebreak procedure had been used she would have been denied the victory by France’s “C’est le dernier qui a parlé qui a raison” by Amina.
Carola would then go on to make a further comeback in 2006 with “Invincible” finishing in 5th place.

Sweden 1991: Carola – Fångad av en Stormvind (1st place)


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