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Listen to Páll Óskar’s birthday song celebrating Söngvakeppnin 30 yrs!

As we have mentioned earlier; Iceland’s pre-selection to Eurovision Song Contest, Söngvakeppni sjónvarpsins, turns 30 years this year! And RÚV is planning a celebration like you’ve never seen before!
And this celebration started for real today, with the release of Páll Óskar’s birthday song to the contest! It was just premiered on the radio a few minutes ago, and he will also perform it in Háskólabíó in the first semifinal on Saturday.
The song is called “Vinnum þetta fyrirfram”, which means “We win this beforehand (i.e. without even competing)”. This is a lovingly ironic celebration of the Icelanders’ annual conviction, which normally surfaces in mid-March, that Iceland is going to win Eurovision. The lyrics are hilarious!
A few little examples;
“We win this beforehand, we don’t need luck”
“The only problem is where we’ll host the contest”
“Taking part is just a formality”
“If the song is not well received and all the points go to Eastern Europe,
we don’t care, and even if we finish 16th, we still know that we were really the best.”

In addition to this, RÚV have revealed that (at least) two former winners will be present for the final, to perform their winning entries. This is Sandra Kim, who won in Iceland’s debut year, with “J’aime la vie”, and Loreen, whose 2012 winning entry “Euphoria” was a massive hit on the island.
There is also talk about town that all (or at lest most of) the former Icelandic participants will be involved in some way, though nothing has been confirmed.

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