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Interview: Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom on sharing the stage

They’re a true fan favourite in this year’s UMK: Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom. Their entry Good Enough was composed by real national final veterans, who even convinced them to give UMK another go. Check out what they had to say below! Hey Annica & Kimmo! Congratulations on being in UMK! Why UMK?
Annica & Kimmo: Thank you!!! Well, why not! We were contacted by songwriter Michael James Down if we would be interested in collaborating with him in the UMK. After hearing some demos it was easy to say yes! It has been a dream for a long time to be able to represent Finland in the ESC.
X: Can you explain the thought behind Good Enough?
A&K: We had an idea about a big duet in the vain of ”It’s allcoming back to me now” meets ”Just give me a reason” and Michael and his team of talents came up with this amazing song.
X: Now, Kimmo, you were in last year’s UMK as Angelo De Nile. Why the name change?
K: Angelo was/is one of my stagepersonas. It’s great to be back and this time as myself!
X: Why did you decide to join forces for UMK 2016?
A&K: Actually, since we started our own band a year ago this was a natural move.
X: What makes the bond between you two so strong?
A&K: We share the same interests musically and vocally and it has been a true pleasure to share the stage with each other. Off stage we get along well and enjoy each other’s company!
X: You’re going to a party and everyone is asked to bring something to eat or to drink that really shows who they are. What would you bring that is typically you and why?
A&K: We would bring champagne and burritos. Something sparkling and something spicy with an edge…that’s basically us in a miniature size.
X: Duets in Eurovision are a classic. Some people like to compare you to Chanée and N’Evergreen, a Danish duo that entered Eurovision for Denmark in 2010. What would you say about that comparison?
A&K: As said before we really wanted to try something unique together and Good enough turned out to be a perfect duet for us but to be honest we didn’t think about the past years in the ESC that much but it’s flattering if people think we have similarities to those classic acts.
X: Finnish is a language used for a lot of music in Finland. Would you consider releasing a Finnish version of Good Enough as well? Or releasing a song in Finnish together?
A&K: Obviously we love our native lanquage but at the same time we feel that it’s not our thing. It’s very unlikely that we would even consider about doing a finnish version of Good Enough. The song is perfect as it is!
X: Tell us your best childhood memory?
A: Spending summernights in our cottage in the countyside.
K: Endless summernights fishing and sleeping outside by the river bank.
X: What is your motto in life?
A: Hakuna matata!
K: Always look on the bright side of life!

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