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Michał Szpak's bringing the colours of his life to London

Our next booked artist for this year’s London Eurovision Party won his national selection with some considerably large percentage of the vote – will London now respond with as much love for Colour of Your Life?
Michał Szpak - Poland / London Eurovision Party 2016
Michał Szpak was born on 26 November 1990 in Jasło, in a family full of artistic talents. At 9 he already performed on stage and won an award in the Young Talents Competition.
In 2011, he reached the X-factor finale, where he sang together with the British edition winner, Alexandra Burke, who was impressed by his vibrant image and charisma. Winning a special prize, he gave a concert at the Orange Warsaw Festival, before Skunk Anansie and Moby, singing three songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns’n’Roses and Lenny Kravitz.
In 2013, Michał won the main prize – the Golden Samovar at the Russian Song Festival in Zielona Góra, singing “Dark Eyes”, a song known to every generation in Poland.
In November 2015, he released an album “Byle Być Sobą” (Just Be Yourself), which includes 12 stylistically different songs reflecting the artist’s fascination with the 80s, 90s and symphonic music.
He performed his first single – “Real Hero” at the 52. National Festival of Polish Song in Opole in the “SuperPremieres 2015” competition, winning the main prize by a vast majority of votes.
In March 2016, Michał Szpak, with his song “Color of Your Life”, won the Polish final and ticket to Stockholm for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. He defeated Edyta Górniak, the first Polish Eurovision entrant in 1994 and holder of 2nd place, the best country’s result in the Contest so far.
For more information about the London Eurovision Party 2016, click here to head to their website!
You can relive Michał’s performance from the national selection below.

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