Listen: Daði Freyr doesn’t have the answers…

...but he does have a great new song out!

After participating, and finishing second, in Söngvakeppnin 2017, Daði Freyr has become one of the most popular singers in Iceland. The past year he spent in Cambodia with girlfriend Árný Fjóla. RÚV flew them home for this year´s Söngvakeppnin final, where they were the surprise musical perfomance. Now he is back in Iceland, he has released a great new track. It’s called “Skiptir ekki máli”, which translates to “It doesn’t matter”. 

“Homemade” music video

For the accompanying music video, he has decided to keep things in the family. Working with Árný Fjóla and his dad, Pétur, he has also made an amazing music video to accompany the new track! Slightly ironically he asks whether “this might be the new flossing”. We say “why not?!”.

“Skiptir ekki máli” isn’t on Spotify yet, but check out those of his songs that are!

Daði Freyr in Söngvakeppnin

With the amazingly cool song “Hvað með það?/Is This Love?”, Daði Freyr burst onto the Icelandic music scene last year. He finished second in Söngvakeppnin 2017, behind Svala and her “Ég veit það/Paper”. A lot of fans, both in Iceland and around the Euroverse, believe that he should have won the Icelandic ticket to Kyiv. They also think that he would have taken the country to the final, and perhaps given them a very good result. However, we’ll never know if this is true. What we do know, though, is that many people, us included, would very much like to see Daði Freyr return to the contest.

What do you think of “Skiptir ekki máli”? And would you like to see Daði Freyr return for another attempt at representing Iceland at Eurovision? 

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