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Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT decline Ralph Siegel’s sponsorship

Bosnia and Herzegovina's non participation in Eurovision 2019 further cemented.

BHRT, the national broadcaster in charge of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, declined Ralph Siegel’s offer of money to help them cover the cost of their participation in 2019.

A broadcaster under sanctions.

The country’s struggles in recent years to sent entries to Eurovision, due to financial difficulties have been well documented. Due to this, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have set sanctions against them, due to unpaid debts.
Due to these sanctions. The broadcaster had to reject Siegel’s offer last year in 2018, hosted in Lisbon thanks to Portugal’s win in Kyiv, with the song “Amar Pelos Dois”. Details of the offer however, was that the country was going to be represented by folk singer Hanka Paldum.

What was said?

Head of Delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lejla A. Babovic had this to say, to news source

Last year, we could not accept that offer because we did not participate in the Eurosong. We left this opportunity open and this year we contacted the EBU regarding the possibility of BHRT participation at the Eurosong in 2019. Unfortunately, the BHRT remains under the sanctions of the EBU, who told us that BHRT can not participate in the Eurosong until it resolves the trial and does not see how it will begin to repay debts that are higher than 6 million Swiss francs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina in Eurovision.

The country last took part in Eurovision in 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden; with the song “Ljubav Je”. Sung by Dalal and Deen, featuring Croatian cellist Ana Rucner and rapper Jala. The song placed 11th with 104 points in the semi-final. Due to this, they failed to qualify for the final.

The country’s best result came in 2006. The contest came from Athens, Greece, where Hari Mata Hari sang “Leija”. They came second in the semi-final with 267 points due to this they qualified for the final. In the final, they came third with 229 points.

Ralph Siegel at Eurovision.

Ralph Siegel has pedigree when it comes to Eurovision, writing 24 Eurovision entries. His best result was the 1982 winning song, “Ein bißchen Frieden” sang by Nicole, it won with 161 points. However his latest result “Spirit of the Night”, sang by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson finished 18th and last in the semi-final with only one point.
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