An Xtra Happy Birthday; 5 August

Yesterday, we celebrated three Eurovision stars. Today, however, we bring you four birthday girls to celebrate! They all participated in Eurovision after 2000. Also, they all probably hoped for far better results than they achieved! The best result, however, came from Nina Radojicic. She finished in 14th place!! 

Jane Bogaert, 51

Jane Bogaert represented Switzerland at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. She performed the song “La vita cos’e”, which is a fairly traditional Italian ballad. At the end of the night she had received 14 points, thus finishing in 20th place. 

Dalal Midhat-Talakić, 37

Dalal represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. However, she was not on her own when doing so. On stage with her she had Deen, Ana Rucner and Jala. Together, they performed the song “Ljubav je“. They finished in 11th place in their semi-final, thus just failing to qualify for the grand final. Outside of Eurovision, however, Dalal is best known as part of the R&B duo Erato.

Stephanie Topalian, 31

Stephanie Topalian represented Armenia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. She is an American singer of Armenian decent, and was part of the Eurovision project Genealogy. They performed the song “Face the Shadow”. In their semi-final they finished in seventh place. Due to this they qualified for the grand final. On the Saturday night they finished in 16th place.

Nina Radojicic, 29

Nina Radojicic represented Serbia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, where she performed the song “Caroban”. She finished in a well deserved eighth place in her semi-final, thus qualifying for the grand final. There, she finished 14th. 

All of us here at escXtra wish Jane, Dalal, Stephanie and Nina the most wonderful of birthdays!

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