An Xtra Happy Birthday; 4 August!

Yesterday on 3rd of August we had three Eurovision artist that celebrated their birthday. Today there are also three Eurovision performers that have a birthday. Two birthday boys and one birthday girl. The oldest was a part of a popular band and they younger guy is from Wales but however took part at Eurovision for another country. The birthday girl was a guest act first, which lead to a new start for her country.  Gidi Gor, Jon Lilygreen and Jessica Mauboy were born on this day.

Gidi Gor, 68

Israel selected the band Kevert to go on their behalf to Eurovision song Contest in 1974. Gidi is one founding members of that band and therefore along withe the band took part in Brighton, UK. They performed “Natati La Khayay”. The song got 11 points, that is it ended in 7th place out of 17 acts.

Jon Lilygreen, 31

Jon Lilygreen is from Wales, but he represented Cyprus in the 2010 Eurovision in Oslo. For the first time since 2005 Cyprus got to take part in the grand final. When all the votes had been counted, Jon finished in 21st place.

Jessica Mauboy, 29

Australia after a being a loyal fan to Eurovision for many years, they were eventually allowed to take part at Eurovision in 2014. Well to say it correctly they got to have a interval act in the second semi final. Jessica was selected to sing the song “Sea of Flags“. This however seemed to have given Australia to actually take part at Eurovision the following year and ever since then.  And Mauboy got the oppertunity to go again on behalf of Australia in 2018. Where she performed the song “We got the Love” in Lisbon. She manged to qualify to the final, where she ended in 20th place. Getting most of the points from the juries, that is 90 out of 99 points.

All of us here at escXtra wish the three of them an Xtra happy birthday! 

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