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πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ Listen now to ‘Fences’ by Blanche

After her successful Eurovision participation, we had to wait a while for new music from Blanche. Now she regularly spoils us with new songs, also on March 27. The single “Fences” can now be heard everywhere.

Announcement on Instagram

Last week, Blanche communicated about her new track ‘Fences’ on her Instagram page. She announced the news with the following words: “Hey, I’m happy to announce that my my new single ‘Fences’ will be out on March 27. It is the fourth track of my album ‘Empire’ to be out April 24! Stay tuned.”

Yes, you read it correctly. Blanche will release her debut album next month!

Listen now to ‘Fences’

The song is now available on several music platforms.



Apple Music

Blanche at the Eurovision Song Contest

In the fall of 2016, RTBF selected Ellie Delvaux aka Blanche to represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest of the upcoming year in Kiev. Her entry came out early March 2017. ‘City Lights’ received nothing but love from the Eurovision fans. Belgium belonged to the early favourites to win the contest of 2017. After a turbulent preparation period, the first semifinal started. It was a long wait, because the hosts named Belgium as the tenth finalist. In the final she tanked a lot more self-confidence and brought ‘City Lights’ like never before. Blanche finished in a very nice fourth place. In the meantime, ‘City Lights’ had great commercial success, both within and outside Europe. The single remained in the charts until the summer of 2017.

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