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🇸🇪 Benjamin Ingrosso releases his new single ‘Shampoo’

A few months after the release of his new single ‘The Dirt’, Benjamin Ingrosso treats his fans once again, with the release of his new single ‘Shampoo’. In an Instagram live, Benjamin told his viewers that the song is about him planning and preparing for a date with someone.

Benjamin’s latest single depart from his latest style of music, of Electronic pop, and ‘Shampoo’ incorporates more rhythm and live instrumentation, which you are able to hear for yourself.

Listen to ‘Shampoo’

You are now able to listen to ‘Shampoo’ on the following streaming platforms:



Apple Music

Benjamin Ingrosso at the Eurovision Song Contest 

Benjamin Ingrosso was selected to represent Sweden in Lisbon through Melodifestivalen. He won the ticket to Lisbon with his song “Dance You Off“. He competed in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2018, where he managed to bring Sweden to the Grand Final once again.

At the end of the competition, Benjamin managed to give Sweden it’s fifth consecutive top ten placing by finishing seventh overall in the competition. He finished 2nd with the Jury and 23rd with the Public Televote.

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