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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Junior Songfestival candidates revealed their group names

As the Eurovision season has now completely finished, it’s time to focus on our kids again! The Junior Eurovision season has arrived as participating countries are busy selecting their entry. The Dutch JSF-candidates have already been working hard and they’ve got some news for you! Read more in this article.

Meet “Unity” and “T-Square”

One month ago, the 11 candidates of Junior Songfestival 2020 got to know their acts. That resulted in one solo-act, one duo-act, a boy band and a girl band. That boy band and girl band have now revealed their official group name! The Dutch audience sent some potential names and the candidates chose one of them. You can watch them reveal their names on Instagram!

  • Unity (Maud, Jayda, Naomi & Demi)
  • T-Square (Thimo, Tyrone, Thijs & Teddy)

Venue national final revealed

On Monday 29 June, the juniors revealed the location in which they will shine for the Dutch audience. The final of Junior Songfestival 2020 will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam!

Follow the juniors’ adventures on YouTube

What started as a tradition, keeps being a tradition! The Junior Songfestival candidates have been making introduction videos for you to know them a bit better. This is just the start of many videos to come. If you want to follow them, subscribe to the Junior Songfestival channel on YouTube.

The Netherlands in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Alongsides Belarus, The Netherlands holds the trend of taking part in every single JESC-edition. Their history has been quite diverse so far with both really good results to not the very best finishes. So far, The Netherlands have won the contest one time. That happened in 2009 with Ralf Mackenbach and “Click Clack”.

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