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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ SuRie launches her Patreon Page

UK’s Euerovision 2018 representative SuRie has recently launched her own Patreon Page. The launching of the page, was done, after advice from her fans. Upon the launch, SuRie has expressed her excitement and can’t wait to share new content.

Different subscription levels, and two goals revealed!

With the launch of her Patreon Page, SuRie has made an introduction video (filmed from her Shedio) of what her patrons can expect from her page:

Upon the launch of her Patreon Page, she has already listed three goals that she can achieve, if she can reach certain thresholds:

  • Upon reaching 500 Patrons, SuRie will launch her podcast, titled ‘Woodshedding’ – here, you can expect “conversations of creativity, culminating in a spontaneous musical conclusion. I’m already curating some absolutely fabulous guests and can’t wait to share the chats and choons!”
  • Upon reaching 1,500 Patrons, SuRie will do a cover of Daz Simpsons ‘Teenage Life‘, which represented the United Kingdom at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest at Athens, and placed 19th. Eurovision Fans, almost got a glimpse of this when they were given a choice if SuRie should perform the track at Eurovision Home Concerts. However, Hard Rock Hallelujiah won.
  • Upon reaching 5,000 patrons, SuRie will have enough support to record her new album, and construct a marketing and distribution campaign. SuRie’s latest album ‘Dozen’ was done via a Kickstarter, where she managed to exceed the target by 100%

If you are interest, tou are able to find out more, about SuRie’s Patreon page by clicking right here.

SuRie at the Eurovision Song Contest

Before being selected to represent the United Kingdom in Lisbon this year, SuRie has had experience working in the contest by working with the Belgian delegation. She was a backing singer for Loïc Nottet and his entry ‘Rhythm Inside‘ and Blanche’s ‘City Lights‘. Both entries qualified for the Grand Final and both entries placed 4th overall.

In 2018, SuRie was selected to be one of the participants in this year’s Eurovision: You Decide. After a positive reaction from the crowd in Brighton, SuRie was selectedto represent the United Kingdom in Lisbon with her entry ‘Storm‘.

As a member of the Big Five, SuRie automatically qualified for the Grand Final in Lisbon. On the night of the Grand Final, she, unfortunately, suffered a stage invasion. However, keeping in good spirit, she went on and finished her performance. She managed to placed 24th overall in the competition with 48 Points.

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