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SuRie reacts to Saturday’s stage invasion

It was one of the most shocking moments in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Last Saturday, during SuRie’s performance for the United Kingdom, a man invaded the stage and took away the singer’s microphone. Today, the singer reacts to the incident.

“Well, that’s mine!”

During the terrifying incident at the Eurovision final, SuRie said she didn’t feel fear. The main reason for that is because there was no time to feel fear. She only noticed the invader when he was right next to her and took her microphone away.

SuRie said she could hear the crowd chanting and her backing vocals going strong during the incident. Once security had taken the invader down, SuRie saw her microphone on the floor. About that, she said:

I was still clapping and cheering with the crowd. I turned back and saw the mic on the floor and went “Well, that’s mine. I’ll finish this song!”.

Determination to finish

SuRie says her lasting memory of the entire incident is the surge of the crowd. Their chants made her power through after the invasion. She said the lyrics took on a whole new meaning and added:

You can see that in my eyes. You can see that determination to finish the song.

Thankfully for SuRie, her injuries after the incident are very minor. Nevertheless, she does have a couple of bruises on her arm and shoulder, where the invader came in. After the song was finished, the conversation whether SuRie should sing again or not had to be held. The organisers at the EBU offered the UK delegation the opportunity to perform once more. However, they decided not to. The United Kingdom entrant said she was still really proud of her performance. She showed her humour on Twitter soon after the incident as well.

We didn’t need to repeat it. I saw the reactions and faces of my team who were really proud of the recovery. We didn’t need to go again.

Sympathy vote?

Phillip Schofield, one of the two hosts of the show SuRie was a guest on this morning, asked SuRie about her result. He said that if ever there was going to be a sympathy vote, it had to be for “Storm” after the incident at Eurovision. He wondered why the country still bother when an act like this year’s finishes in 24th out of a possible 26. SuRie was quick to correct him that that is not the point of the contest:

I don’t need sympathy votes. The point of the Eurovision is that it began a few years after WWII to bring nations together to sing their way out of it. […] It’s such an amazing thing to be a part of. My leaderboard for the night is the Twitter feed, the Instagram feed with the love and support of so many people, especially the UK crowd.

One thing is clear after SuRie’s reaction on This Morning at ITV today. She is an ambassador for the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite a finish in the bottom three, she still defends the purpose of the contest and the UK participation and involvement in it.

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